Unlock Your Child’s Concentration

At first glance, a lockbox may appear an ordinary choice for a children’s toy, maybe even something you wouldn’t have considered a toy in the first place. It’s the wonderful simplicity of this device, however, that makes it a great choice for a young child’s developing brain.

With its straightforward mechanisms and neutral tones, the wooden box allows the child to master the specific skill of opening and closing various clasps and locks without additional distractions. It gives them a chance to practice their dexterity while finding out, through a practical application, “how things work.”

Unlike many of the pre-scripted, battery-operated toys on the market today, the lockbox exercises a skill with a purposeful end result. Without the whizzing sounds and the colorful lights found in many store-bought toys today, your child can access their full concentration while working toward a specific goal.

With hidden items inside each of the drawers in the box, your child is incentivized to overcome the challenge of manipulating the locks. They have an opportunity to explore their curiosity and develop the mind of an engineer.

Once your child masters the lockbox they may enjoy the extra thrill of opening latches you place on cupboard doors throughout the home, gaining a greater sense of independence and self-sufficiency. You may choose to encourage this curiosity when ready!

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Many of the battery-operated toys on the market today are built with a variety of lights, colors, and sounds to dazzle the children of parents who buy them. But did you know these types of toys can cause a sensory overload detrimental to a child’s concentration abilities?

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