Why Montessori?

Whether you’ve never heard of it or have already embodied the aspects of the Montessori way and its educational method, I’d like to share the reasons why I’ve become so passionate and compelled to make

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Digital Detox and Beyond

Returning from a 30-day digital detox was harder than I could’ve ever imagined. For a whole month, I committed to being completely off social media. It was challenging at first, as re-programing any habits are,

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Voila Montessori Maria Montessori

A life well lived, Maria Montessori

A life well lived, Maria Montessori. An amazing interactive timeline of Maria Montessori’s life and the method that holds her name. Maria and Mario Montessori visiting with children. “I did not invent a method of

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A few of my favorite things #3

What is it, why do I like them and when* are they appropriate for children? Colored Discs On Colored Dowel, found were Montessori toys are sold. This photo was taken in one of the LePort Montessori School, where I

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