Favorite Products

Favorite products I recommend from other Montessori and parenting experts.

Over the last 20 plus years I’ve used and tested just about every parenting product out there – and these are a select few that have made my list of items I recommend for your infant or child.

I’ve personally used these products for myself and with my clients and I can attest to their quality. They have all been designed with positive parenting principles and mindful parenting in mind and are a great help for any parent striving to support their child’s development to the fullest extent.

For full transparency, the links below are affiliate links that support my mission to make the world a better place for parents and their children.

Topponcino voila montessori


The topponcino is one of the world’s most recommended Montessori baby items. These soft, mat-like pillows maintain a consistent warmth and smell, so your baby will feel comfortable in any environment, no matter who is holding them or where they are placed.
voila montessori monti kids

Monti Kids

Monti Kids provides an amazing subscription service for you to receive all of the appropriate Montessori toys straight to your doorstep every three months. To get a $60 Discount + Free Shipping enter code VOILA60 at checkout.
Infant Low Shelf

Low Infant Shelf

These shelves are beautifully designed to invite children to choose among the materials you present for their learning and play. Available in two widths and price will vary.
Montessori Floor Bed

Floor Bed

Low beds are a wonderful way to encourage autonomy and freedom of movement in the early stages of your child’s life. Mattress not included and prices vary depending on the size and finishing you choose.
Weaning Chair and Table Set

Weaning Chair and Table Set

The weaning chair and table set helps children enjoy a meal as they have seen their parents and siblings do and helps them as they gain more mobility and independence.
learning tower voila montessori

Learning Tower

A Kitchen Helper (or learning tower) is a great tool to involve your child in the everyday work of the household. Children can test and grow their abilities alongside you while helping you to wash dishes and prepare meals. Tapered legs give it a solid foundation without taking up too much space, and an adjustable platform makes it appropriate for a wide variety of ages.

Children’s Wardrobe

Help your child gain independence while learning to dress independently.
Put out just enough clothes to encourage self expression and mastery of dressing independently.
Create the configuration that fits you and your child’s needs.
Weaning Table

Weaning Table

Weaning Tables give your child a surface for creative discovery as they transition to a solid diet and gain more independence and confidence.
Weaning Chair

Weaning Chair

Weaning chairs are a great tool for your child’s development as they transition to a solid diet, and as they gain more mobility and independence. This chair is adjustable for comfort.

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