Rise Above the Story. With Karena Kilcoyne

Rise Above the Story with Karena Kilcoyne

The negative stories we tell ourselves can be quite damaging to our well-being. My guest today shares how to move beyond the story so we can rise above the story to live a fulfilling life.

What We Talked About

  • Why Karena felt compelled to share her story in her book
  • Her 3-step process to healing from trauma
  • Why, as parents, it’s crucial to have self-awareness
  • How to break free from negative self-talk
  • The unwanted ripple effects of trauma
  • How to find joy even in difficult times

Things to Remember

“Parenting is taking responsibility to cultivate a self-awareness around our past trauma.”

“What our brain does in the face of trauma is that it tries to keep us safe by writing these stories that keep us in a little box.”

“We have the power to heal. We’re just afraid to do it.”

“There is more for us than just the pain we carry around.”

“We are all here to experience joy and happiness.”

“The powerful notion of honoring your emotions and feeling them in real time goes a long way toward mental and emotional well-being.”

― Karena Kilcoyne

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brené Brown.

Let’s Continue the conversation…

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Do you have difficulty overcoming past trauma to start living the life you desire? Tune in to listen to Karena’s transformative insights.

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More About My Guest

Karena Kilcoyne is a former trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense, including complex white-collar and civil litigation in federal and state courts. Later in her practice, she worked as in-house counsel for a publicly traded worldwide manufacturing company.

Karena now passionately shares her own personal story of trauma and healing. Through vivid, evocative, and transparent storytelling, she teaches others to rise above their stories and find true peace and emotional freedom. She shares these powerful ideas through videos and personal posts on Facebook and Instagram. Karena also corresponds regularly with the subscribers of her email newsletter.

When she’s not helping others rise above their stories, she’s curating a colorful life full of books and art from far-flung places. Karena lives in Florida with her husband, David, and their furry son, Irwin.

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