The Confident Teen Blueprint. With Karleen Savage

The Confident Teen Blueprint with Karleen Savage

Helping our teenagers feel confident is critical to their well-being and future success, starting at home. Karleen shares her personal and professional experience as a conflict resolution expert. Listen in to acquire the tools to nurture the confidence your teens need to thrive in life.

What We Talked About

  • What five universal skills do experts use to resolve conflicts, and how can you use them at home?
  • What unwanted baggage gets in the way of building your teen’s self-confidence and resiliency?
  • How conflict resolution skills can enhance parenting, especially with teens.
  • Curiosity, attitude, and masterful listening are significant tools in resolving family conflicts.
  • Real-life examples and practical strategies for applying conflict resolution techniques in parenting situations.

Things to Remember

“Even when you get it right, even when you have it right, you can still get it wrong.”

“Curiosity is not just asking questions.” 

“Master listening in a conflict situation means you’re filling in the gaps.”

“Anytime you’re in a conflict, the most important part is connecting with that person.”

“When you want to build confidence in your children, allow them into the solution to bring them back in and give them a space for it.”

“Sometimes situations are for our children to sort through.”

“You’re absolutely meant to be the parent for your child.”

― Karleen Savage

Additional Resources

Positive Discipline Tools are the key to creating mutual respect & healthy boundaries.

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More About My Guest

Karleen Savage is a sought-after speaker, trainer, hostage negotiator, and conflict resolution expert passionate about fostering peaceful, harmonious environments. 

Through her Savage Theory of Resolution, she emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration to achieve success. Through a decade of professional experience, Karleen has learned that the conflicts we experience in business usually reflect the conflicts happening at home. This belief inspired her to write her book, The Confident Teen Blueprint. 

Throughout her career, Karleen has worked with corporations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, creating a positive environment for growth and development.

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