• So you can truly understand the benefits of applying Montessori scientifically proven theories in your everyday life at home.
  • So So you can know what to expect at each stage of childhood development and how to be a positive influence during this important time in your child’s life.
  • So So that you can better prepare and know how to set up your home for each stage of development.
  • So To know what activities your child could benefit from and how to teach them new skills.
  • So So you can distinguish the most supportive environment for your child outside of the home (daycare, pre-school, etc.).

As a parenting guide and home consultant I strongly believe that your child’s home environment plays a crucial role in their healthy emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.

No, the Montessori method is really away of life, your child and family will benefit from its principles whether attending a Montessori school or not. Your child does not need to attend a Montessori school in-order to receive the benefits of a personalized home environment. However, if your child does attend a Montessori setting the home consultation will help you have better transitions from school to home.

My work with families is based on the belief that helping parents to cultivate a strong and clear connection to their parenting intuition and wisdom will facilitate answers and parenting confidence long after we have completed our work together. Every parent has a well of strengths and resources, as well as unique challenges for handling, and adapting to the changing and dynamic relationship with their child, or children. I encourage parents to explore the key themes in their relationship with their child, while supporting parents with intervention, relevant education, infant and child development information, and resources.

My visits are usually about 2 hours. I like to spend 45 min. observing the child interact in their environment. The rest of the time in spend with the parents to discuss my observations, offer suggestions and answer any questions.

  • Any family either expecting a child (whether first or not) or families with young children at home (from birth to six years).
  • Families interested in the Montessori techniques and theories as away of life, whether your child is in a Montessori school or not.
  • Any family interested in using the Montessori curriculum as an educational method at home.
  • Any parents seeking guidance on how to best nurture their child’s potential at home.
  • Any home childcare provider interested in the Montessori method for infants thru preschoolers.

The main goal of the Montessori approach is to help the adult recognize and support a child’s drives so that the child may reach his personal developmental milestones naturally and without pressure. Since each phase of development builds upon the previous one, it is essential that a child’s development be supported from birth… but it’s never too late to start!
Voila Montessori will guide you to understand your child’s drives at each stage of growth. We then empower you to create a truly age-appropriate environment where your child can freely follow his drives and engage in safe, interesting, and purposeful activities that will bring about his full development.
You will also learn how to set limits that will help your child be successful, stay safe and focused.

To schedule an appointment click the contact page and leave your information with any further questions.

A trained and knowledgeable Montessori guide that:

  • Explains you understand Montessori as a way of life.
  • Evaluate your home to make sure it is the best it can be for your child.
  • Helps you find the best Montessori school for your child.
  • Creates activities that are age appropriate for your child/children.

This really depends on your specific needs. It can be an overview of the Montessori approach or I can concentrate on the specific environment or developmental needs for your child. Some topics that are covered are; personality development, language and movement development milestones.