Why Toddlers Making Orange Juice Is a Brilliant Idea

Why Toddlers Making Orange Juice Is a Brilliant Idea

As a parenting coach, I love to advise my clients to involve their children in ordinary housework. The kitchen is an especially great place for our young ones to learn important life skills, and offers a laboratory of sensorial experiences. Imagine your child’s delight at the sight, smell, touch and taste of fresh citrus while they are making orange juice.

Maria Montessori once said, “The hands are the tools of intelligence.” At around the age of 18 months and for much of the first three years, your toddler may be busy exploring their world with their sense of touch. Grasping and hand-squeezing an orange allows them to strengthen the muscles in their fingers and palms, as well as refine their wrist movements. The beauty of an activity like this is that it prepares their hands for higher academic work as they age, such as handwriting and whatever other intelligent work they may do in the future.

Working hard to see the juicy results is also a process that encourages the child to concentrate. They will develop a will to be successful when they learn that you can’t just throw an orange to make the juice, but rather that a proper sequence of steps must be followed. This exercises their self-discipline, and with practice, their independence.

Meanwhile, working with the oranges allows you to have natural discussions about botany and geography. Where do oranges grow? Your child will learn new language and vocabulary as you educate them about the pulp, peel and seeds.

Don’t forget to finish the activity with clean-up — your child will want to do this independently as well, to take full pride and responsibility for their accomplishment.

Find out why making their own orange juice will offer your child far more than just a dose of Vitamin C!

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6 thoughts on “Why Toddlers Making Orange Juice Is a Brilliant Idea”

  1. Thank you so much Jeanne Marie for this. I introduced this job in a traditional Preschool class( not a Montessori setting) and we went through bags of oranges each week! I noticed these 4 year olds struggled however, to get much juice and a lot was wasted unless the adult assisted. Is there any other simple juicer, in your experience, for example the hinged type, that are easier for a child to use in order to get more juice? Many thanks

    • Melissa, I do believe this one came from Ikea 😉 What is important is to find one adapted to their small hands and easy to use.


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