Reach for These! Infant Toys.

Whether finding the way across the carpet on all fours or manipulating objects with all five fingers, your infant is constantly expanding their physical and motor skills as they become familiar with the world around them.

By placing a few visually-appealing “grasping toys” around their play area you will offer them a valuable incentive to stretch, move, explore, and increase their development.

These toys may be simple objects made of natural materials that offer movement as well as visual stimulation, such as a cube made of smaller wooden blocks or one with colorful sliding pegs.

The toys you layout are preferably simple in design versus noise-making or battery-operated ones, so as not to overwhelm the child at this young age, but rather allow them to concentrate on their grasping and movement abilities alone.

The more colorful and unique the toys are, however, the more appealing your child may find them. Your infant may want to place the toys in their mouths; please know this is okay, and also part of the discovery!

The key is to simply set up the activity ahead of time and prepare your child for the experience. Find out how this everyday task easily becomes a productive and joyful growth opportunity.

For more tips on how to introduce Montessori activities, read The Nine Key Points to Sharing a New Activity with Your Child.

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2 thoughts on “Reach for These! Infant Toys.”

  1. Hello. I have a 13-month old and have recently put all her toys away and started placing baskets on the floor (I copied your opening and closing basket, which she loves). My question is, is it ideal to have just one basket theme at a time available or should I have a couple baskets on the go at once? If one at a time is ideal, how often should I swap it out for a new themed basket?
    Thank you.

    • Heather, How lucky your daughter is to have you as her guide.
      I try to limit 4 to 5 activities out at a time. So you could have a few other baskets out on a low shelf for her to choose from. This can be one with a language activity or blocks, puzzle etc. The idea is to have a small variety to choose from. As you observe what she is interested in you will know what to swap out. It can be one or two at a time maybe every 2 weeks. Of course, this will depend on your child and what her level of interest is.


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