Prime Your Child with the Primary Colors

Prime Your Child with the Primary Colors

The “First Color Box” may look like an extremely simple and straightforward child’s activity, but that’s the point. It’s comprised of a plain wooden box with dual sets of primary color tablets stored inside, and nothing more.

Maria Montessori was inspired to develop this helpful learning tool after she observed flat wooden spools wrapped in beautiful silk threads and appreciated how effectively they showcased each individual color separately.

At a young age, children are just learning to understand the vast world of colors with their burgeoning visual senses. They have yet to find the language to learn what “blue” is versus “yellow” or “red.”

The First Color Box isolates this activity without further distraction, by offering a simple visual matching game where they can become acquainted with the primary colors and confidently learn to discern between them. The materials do not pose further distractions, such as if they offered varying shapes or were mismatched in size.

Once the child has mastered this set there are other color boxes they can progress toward. In the meantime, parents can further engage their child by asking them to find things around the house that match one of the colors they’ve just learned about — they’ll be proud to show you they can speak the language of colors!

First Color Box by Jeanne Marie Paynel from voilamontessori.com

The “First Color Box” is a great tool for your child to learn how to isolate red, yellow and blue. Find out how this simple activity assists with their rapidly-expanding visual and cognitive skills.

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