EP 62: Navigating Teenagehood. With Elise Knox

Navigating Teenagehood with Elise Knox

Like toddlerhood, teenagehood is often misunderstood and looked down upon. Today’s conversation with Elise who’s dedicated to helping families navigate this wonderful and yes sometimes challenging time sheds light on how we can best prepare and stay connected to our teenagers. 

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What We Talked About

  • The importance of whole family unit
  • Being connected to ourselves is critical for our children
  • What challenges our teenagers are up against
  • Learning to listen with an open mind and without judgment
  • How to best prepared ourselves for what is to come

Things to Remember

“Repair is always more important than the rupture.”

“The pain of social rejection is the same as physical pain for a teenager. They’re not being ‘too dramatic’.”

– Elise Knox

“To form meaningful connections with others, we must first connect with ourselves.” – Brené Brown

Additional Resources

Four planes of development are explained by Dr. Montessori.

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More About my Guest

Elise is a life and wellness coach, yoga teacher, and former middle school teacher who works with moms and teens.

She is fascinated by brain development and the nervous system and believes that understanding these two things can make teen years so much easier for mamas and teens.

Elise offers mama centered and teen-centered coaching packages. Her mission is to bring enjoyment back into family relationships by helping her clients connect with themselves so that they can stay connected to their loved ones

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