EP 31: Learning with Less. With Ayelet Marinovich

Ayelet and I hit off the minute we met, sharing the same parenting and educational values it’s always a pleasure to share a good conversation with her. Listen in as she shares some easy and simple ways to engage your child in developmentally appropriate activities.

What we Talked About

  • How she created a support group out of the necessity of being a new parent in a foreign country
  • Nerding out on sharing her child development knowledge by singing and playing with babies and their parents
  • How our children can learn with what we already have 
  • The importance of open-ended play with no significant goals
  • Early literacy and how you can support it at home
  • Her 4 pillar approach; Play, Talk, Sing and Movement
  • Her prenatal and postpartum experiences between the UK and the US

Things to Remember

“You do you.”

Ayelet Marinovich

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More About my Guest

Ayelet (pronounced, I-YELL-it) Marinovich helps families feel confident they can raise great humans from day one – without having to buy a single toy. 

She’s a mother of two young boys, a parent educator, singer, author, and pediatric speech-language pathologist gone rogue. 

She’s the host of the Learn With Less podcast, and creator of the Learn With Less™ Curriculum, supporting parents and caregivers along their journey through early parenthood.

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