EP 02: Accepting our children for who they are. With Simone Davies

Excited to be sharing my first interview! To commemorate the launch of my podcast, I asked my friend and colleague, Simone Davies, to share some of her wisdom with us. 

Simone and I met online quite a few years ago. We then met in person in her home town of Amsterdam and became fast friends and collaborators in sharing our common passion with the world.

What we Talked About

So everyone could get to know her a bit better, Simone answered my set of expert questions. 

Then, we dove into 10 ways we can show respect to our child. We actually only got through 4 of them so we will definitely have to have her back to finish the list. 

Listen in to learn all about the ones we did cover, which are:

  • Soft Hands
  • Listening to the Child
  • Kind Words
  • Accepting them for who they are

Things to Remember

"Set freedom within limits in a kind way." -Simone Davies

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Over to You

Now, Simone and I would love to hear from you!

Out of those first 4 ways we can show respect to our child, which one will you be working on? Or, if you are currently practicing these strategies, which has made the biggest difference in your parenting or your relationship with your child?

Let us know in the comments below. 

More About my Guest

Simone Davies is the author of, “The Montessori Toddler.” The book is based on her 15 years experience working with toddlers as an AMI Montessori teacher in Sydney and in Amsterdam. She also has a popular blog, “The Montessori Notebook.” She is mother to two young adults. Simone currently runs parent-child Montessori classes in Amsterdam at her school, Jacaranda Tree Montessori.

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