Asking Your Child to Wash the Windows Has Many Benefits

In the Montessori method of education, we frequently encourage children to grow and develop new skills through their practical lives at home. The simple task of washing windows with parents is just one great example of this.

Asking a child to use a spray bottle to clean the windows exercises their gross motor skills; they have to rely on their sense of balance as they make big arm movements to ensure water covers the glass, using their hands to clamp down on the spraying mechanism all at the same time.

The greater lessons of this exercise are those of self-control and self-discipline. While spraying water can be a thrilling sensory experience, the child has an opportunity to understand the responsibility of the chore they are there to perform … for example, the spray bottle is not for use on the furniture or floor, but rather, to clean the window.

In my practice as a parenting coach, clients often ask me what to do when they see their children acting unruly, throwing toys across the room.

I remind them that it’s our job as parents to set limits around any activity; window washing offers another scenario to teach them about the inherent boundaries of a task.  

Remember that as parents, we are the guardians of the home environment. Our children are looking to us for guidance. Though we may give them the freedom to use powerful tools and engage in real adult responsibilities, it does not equal an invitation to disrespect the rules.

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