Foster Your Child’s Independence with a Pouring Grains Activity

In my practice as a parenting coach, I often guide my clients into understanding the incredible benefits of engaging our young ones in sensorial play. Simple activities such as moving grains from one container to another are not only accessible and inexpensive, they offer a wealth of educational benefits to our children.

The Montessori method encourages children to practice tasks such as pouring grains so they may grow to become more adept at performing this skill when the situation calls for it in everyday life. What may start as a transference of dry lentils or black beans from one pitcher to another may evolve into the child pouring their own bowl of cereal and milk a little further down the road.

In this activity, the child exercises their hand-eye coordination and concentration as they must carefully pour the grains between vessels without spilling. If a spill does occur, this presents a natural and valuable lesson about how to clean up the messes we make, perhaps using a dustpan and brush.

By working with grains of varying sizes the child can begin to learn the nuances of texture and weight as they pour and hear different types of sounds. You might start by offering something large for them to work with, such as black-eyed peas, and increase the challenge of the task with smaller grains, such as chia or sesame seeds.

A good tip when getting started: model the technique for the child and perform it slowly so they can fully witness and absorb the sensorial aspects of this wonderful activity!

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