Pouring Water Sequence

Pouring Water: Pitcher to Different Glasses by Jeanne Marie Paynel from

Pouring Water – Pitcher to Pitcher by Jeanne Marie Paynel from

Pouring Water: Pitcher to Glass by Jeanne Marie Paynel from


If you’re preparing Montessori Practical Life activities for your child at home, you’ve probably noticed that after he does the same exercise a few times, he’s no longer interested in working with the material. You see that his skills are improving, but you know that he could use more practice to really cement his new ability.

What can you do to keep him interested?

One way you can help your child stay focused long enough to master a skill is to present materials in a sequence to increase the challenge. This can be done for activities like sewing (first sewing on cardboard, then fabric, then sewing a button, making a pillow, etc.) or polishing (first polishing a mirror, then polishing wood and eventually silver or brass). It can also be done with pouring, as you’ll see in this week’s video series.

Pouring exercises are a great example of sequencing: the skill being practiced is always the same, but the challenge grows as the child’s ability increases. Interest remains high because there’s always something new on the tray to explore and master.

There’s no need to rush through the sequence; allow your child to use each material thoroughly. When he seems comfortable with a skill, bring in the next tray and watch his interest and independence soar!

A sequence of three videos illustrates how to present different opportunities for the child to perfect the skill of pouring. Being able to serve one’s own water is a skill that many children feel proud to master, and it all starts with these simple exercises.

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  1. Thank you for making these lovely videos available on this website.
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    Susan McClain-Wells
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