EP 85: Being a Pleasure Positive Parent. With Tilly Storm

being a pleasure-positive parent with Tilly Storm

Reconnecting with our partner after birth can sometimes be difficult, Tilly walks us through what it means to be a pleasure-positive parent, and partner plus the importance of listening to our own needs and desires. 

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What We Talked About

  • How our birth experience can affect our sexuality as a new parent
  • How to get our mojo back
  • The importance of prioritizing your intimate relationship
  • How to be a pleasure-positive parent
  • How our body holds so much wisdom and how to listen to it
  • What she did do instead of keeping her children in traditional school during the pandemic
  • Why she chose to look for a Montessori high school

Things to Remember

“First, do the work yourself because when you do it for you, you avoid passing it on to your children unconsciously.”

“Birth Trauma is real.”

“You can’t expect sex and relationships to just go along without putting any time, energy or effort into them. They are learned skills.”

“Pornography is the worst way that your kid could ever learn anything about their sexuality.”

“Do not lose yourself. Maintain your own identity apart from your children.”

Tilly Storm

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More About my Guest

Tilly Storm is a holistic sex and intimacy coach for women who want to want sex, experience more pleasure in the bedroom, and have the best sex of their lives.

Host of The Multiorgasmic Millionaire Podcast since 2017, she’s been recognized as one of the top 20 sex coaches in the world by the Coach Foundation and her podcast has reached over 280,000 listeners.

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