Ditch the Sippy Cup. With Dawn Winkelmann

Ditch the Sippy Cup with Dawn Winkelmann

An infant feeding expert explains why it’s best to ditch the sippy cup and use an open cup instead when teaching children to learn to drink on their own. She also shared more baby-led weaning advice.

What We Talked About

  • What are the benefits of Baby-Led Weaning
  • How not using a sippy cup can prevent speech delays and feeding issues
  • Making mealtime safer and more enjoyable for children
  • What are the feeding Developmental Milestones
  • Both the immature and mature swallowing patterns in babies.
  • How to help babies develop essential pre-feeding skills
  • The natural picky eating stage and how to handle it effectively

Things to Remember

“Parenting is acquiring that knowledge and then making the best decision that works for your family.”

“Baby-led-weaning is allowing the baby to have some control and learn new skills.”

“Skip the sippy cup and use an open cup to help your child meet their feeding milestones.”

“Developmentally, the picky eating phase is normal with the toddlers but not with infants.”

“Babies are born to be able to suck and swallow and that swallowing reflex changes as the baby gets older.”

“Picky eating is a natural feeding and swallowing phase that every child should go through.”

“Two things that a child is doing during that picky-eating phase is they’re trying to figure out if that food is still safe for them and they’re trying to figure out if that feeder is still safe for them.”

― Dawn Winkelmann

Additional Resources

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Here’s a blog and video I created a while back…Teach Your Child to Drink From a Real Glass

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More About My Guest

Ms. Dawn is an infant feeding and swallowing specialist with almost 30 years of experience. She is an award-winning product designer for the feeding brand Ezpz, and her advice and products have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Poosh, and Shark Tank. 

She has fed over ten thousand babies so she knows the areas of mealtime where parents struggle. Dawn understands how parents fall into feeding patterns that don’t support development. This is why she offers support, education, and inspiration to help new mothers overcome fears of choking and to help make the first year of feeding safe and successful.

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