EP 79: Enjoy the Moment. With Jessica Rolph 

Enjoy the Moment with Jessica Rolph

I found a kindred spirit to talk to about the importance of the early years for our children’s brain development. Listen in as Jessica shares how we can nurture our children’s immense potential and enjoy the moment.

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What We Talked About

  • Knowing what children need as their brains develop
  • Making Montessori concepts available to everyone
  • Whether or not screen time has any benefits for young children
  • How grandparents and other family members can interact 
  • The importance of serve and return communication when it comes to language development

Things to Remember

“There’s no better tool for mindfulness than parenting.”

“The child is guiding us, showing us what they’re hungry to learn.”

“Be confident that you’re making the right choices with your parenting.”

“Play and learning can be such a place of joy.”

“Invest in those early years, it will pay off.”

Jessica Rolph

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Fred Rogers

“We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.”

“The word education must not be understood in the sense of teaching but of assisting the psychological development of the child.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

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More About my Guest

Jessica Rolph is the co-founder and CEO of Lovevery. Prior to Lovevery, Jessica was the co-founder and COO of Happy Family, helping to launch, build and lead Happy Family to its position as a top organic baby and toddler brand in the US. Happy Family was acquired by Group Danone in 2013.

Jessica also co-founded the Climate Collaborative, a non-profit organization helping companies in the natural products industry take meaningful steps to reverse climate change. She is an Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellow and was awarded the Park Leadership Fellowship, graduating from Cornell’s Johnson School in 2004. Jessica also holds a BA from Cornell University, where she graduated cum laude.

Jessica and her husband, Decker, live in Boise, Idaho, and are parents to Beatrice, Thacher, and Leland.

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