EP 72: Share Music You Love With Susan Darrow

Share Music You Love with Susan Darrow

Music has always been an important part of my life both as a child and as a parent. Today’s conversation centers on how we can best introduce music to our children as well as all the benefits it provides to their developing brains.

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What We Talked About

  • The natural flow of the Montessori music curriculum
  • The positive impact music has on early childhood development & parenting
  • Why it is important to share the music you love with your children
  • How to incorporate music into your daily family life
  • How to use music to get through some parenting challenges

Things to Remember

“Parenting trends change, child development doesn’t.”

“The most important music to play for your child is the music you love as a parent.”

“Music has superpowers for babies’ brains.”

“No matter how badly you think you sing, you have the most beautiful singing voice in the world to your child.”

“Being a musician doesn’t mean playing an instrument. Being a musician means playing your primary instrument which is your voice.”

– Susan Darrow

“There should be music in the child’s environment, just as there does exist in the child’s environment spoken speech. In the social environment the child should be considered and music should be provided.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

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How do you share music with your child? Listen in as the CEO of Music Together shares the benefits of sharing music early on.

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More About my Guest

Susan Darrow, CEO of Music Together Worldwide. Susan began her professional career working in regional and children’s theater.

She has been teaching Music Together since 1993, when she served on the faculty of Parents Place, an innovative parent resource center in Montclair, NJ. Since becoming CEO of Music Together Worldwide in 2015, she has led the organization through numerous initiatives, including curriculum redevelopment and the formation of the Song Advisory Board, a rotating panel of experts in ethnomusicology, music history, music education, and culture, to advise on song selection. B.A., Theatre Arts, Pennsylvania State University. M.A., Parent/Child Development, Bank Street College, NYC.


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2 thoughts on “EP 72: Share Music You Love With Susan Darrow”

  1. As a mom of two musical children and a Music Together teacher of 15 years, I loved the conversation you shared with Susan Darrow (who is incredible). Making music a natural part of your day, regardless of your musical ability, and doing it how you love with those your is such an important reminder for all families. Thank you for having his meaningful conversation! Happy singing and music making!


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