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Voila Montessori believes that a child’s environment is crucial to a healthy emotional, social and cognitive development. Through private coaching, group workshops and webinars, I provide the necessary guidance and knowledge to prepare parents to nurture their child’s immense potential towards a healthy, positive long-term growth. My Montessori and Positive Discipline background allows me to pinpoint your child’s stage of development and become a “translator” between you and your child. Having this better understanding of your child will help ease the stress and unknown of parenting. Meet Jeanne-Marie Paynel


From Birth To Six Years

Before baby

Anticipating and preparing for a new family member can be very exciting and at times a bit overwhelming. Voila Montessori private coaching helps you prepare your home and your family for the happy event. These sessions are ideal for expectant families, whether your first or not. Learn some of the ways I can help you during this important time of your life.


During the first six critical years of life, it is important for you to understand and anticipate your child’s milestones to establish a healthy personality that will carry them through adulthood. These private coaching sessions guide you through each developmental stages and helps you know how you can best nurture your child in a positive and healthy manner at at home.



Before Baby, Birth to Walking, Toddler to Preschool, access content for your child’s evolving needs.


Why Montessori?

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Simple Montessori Activities: ring peg

Rings on a Rocking Peg Develops Your Baby’s Fine Motor Skills

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