EP 52: Raising our Sons to Be Remarkable Men.  With Kathy Imabayashi

raising our sons

Do you think we should be parenting our sons differently than our daughters? Listen in as my guest answers this important question.

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What We Talked About

  • How she realized she had a gender bias
  • Two of the science-backed difference in boys that we should know 
  • Her advice to parents of boys

Things to Remember

“Our job is too difficult and too beautiful to do alone.”

Amelia Gambetti

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Do you believe that parenting a son or daughter is different? And how so?

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More About my Guest

With a career in early childhood education spanning more than four decades and six countries, I am passionate about children, education, and especially boys’ issues. 

I have spent almost three decades researching the dichotomy between what our boys are and what society often tells them they are. 

Guiding children and their parents as they are making sense of their world is a lifetime mission, with an intense focus and desire to help them understand the inner emotional world of boys.

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