Feeding Matters. With Jaclyn Pederson

Feeding Matters with Jaclyn Pederson

Feeding matters; parents often complain about their child’s picky eating habits. We start to wonder if we’re doing something wrong, if our child is a picky eater, or if there’s more to this ordeal. Today, my guest sheds light on a little-known eating disorder that is way more prevalent than we imagine.

What We Talked About

  • Understanding Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD) and how it differs from picky eating.
  • The Four Domains in Pediatric Feeding Disorder 
  • How should you proceed if you suspect our child has PFD? 
  • Early awareness of PFD and its impact on long-term health outcomes
  • Why is almost no one talking about PFD, even though it is more common than autism or cerebral palsy. ?
  • The challenges and complexities of treating PFD and how you can help your child.
  • Can lip and tongue ties be the culprits in the feeding journey?
  • The significance of establishing a supportive team including healthcare professionals

Things to Remember

“Parenting is finding beauty in the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.”

“Feeding skills is something that a parent can help a child with. It is a learned task.”

“Children are picky, and it’s a very common thing that happens in toddler development.”

“It’s definitely important for parents to always offer nutritious foods.”

“Take it slow and let your child lead the way. They control what goes in their body.”

“At the end of the day, you and your child are trying to establish a successful feeding.”

― Jaclyn Pederson

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Let’s Continue the conversation…

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More About My Guest

Jaclyn Pederson is the CEO of Feeding Matters, the organization that officially recognized pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) by health insurance providers, started the International PFD Conference, and more. With a background in nonprofit management and health system innovation, she has worked for over a decade to improve care for children with PFD, including her son. 

Jaclyn was also among the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 honorees in 2017.

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