EP 38: Responsive Feeding. With Natalia Stasenko

I reached out to Natalia to better understand what all the fuss about picky eaters was. She’s a pediatric dietitian living in the UK with her 3 daughters. I learned a lot and hope you do too.  

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What we Talked About

  • Her own journey with her firstborn being a picky eater and how that changed her life forever. 
  • What exactly is ‘responsive feeding’
  • Crating a healthy relationship with food
  • Taking the opportunity to have a structure in the feedings and enjoy meals as a family
  • Skipping meals is ok
  • An example of setting limits
  • Checking in to better understand why our child is asking for food at odd times
  • Snack as a boost of nutrition
  • Establishing specific times and place for eating a snack
  • The joys of having your child cook for you
  • The separation of responsibility when it comes to mealtime
  • Trust those selective eaters get all the nutrients they need.
  • The different factors of food aversion
  • Keeping a food log of what they like and don’t and their reaction to certain foods, it can tell you a lot.

Things to Remember

“Cooking together is a bonding experience and so much more.”

Natalia Stasenko

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More About my Guest

Natalia of FeedingBytes.com is a pediatric dietitian and mother of three. She helps families raise healthy eaters, start solids with their babies, resolve picky eating, and enjoy family meals in simple and delicious ways. She regularly contributes to numerous media outlets including Food and Nutrition Magazine, parents.com, Pregnancy and Nutrition Magazine, and Huffington Post, among others. She offers online group classes and individual support for parents on FeedingBytes.com

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