EP 36: EC = Elimination Communication. With Andrea Olson

I’ve always been a firm believer that children are capable of so much more, especially when we learn to observe and let them guide us. Andrea Olson shares how we can do this while assisting our children to be toilet independent.

What we Talked About

  • Understanding what is elimination communication and infant potty training
  • How she discovered her passion for helping parents learn alternatives to using diapers
  • Our instincts to stay dry and how the diaper industry has affected them
  • Using diapers only as a back up not a full-time toilet
  • EC as an upfront investment
  • Getting back to the simplicity of our ancestors and roots
  • Cloth vs. disposable diapers plus her recommendation of truly biodegradable diapers 
  • The Montessori way of toilet learning
  • Toilet independence before two years of age

Things to Remember

“Babies are smart they’ll get it.”

Andrea Olson

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More About my Guest

Andrea Olson, M.A., is a pioneer in helping parents reduce diaper dependence with any age child or baby, from birth through toddlerhood. She has her Master’s Degree in Psychology and presently lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband and children.

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