EP 10: Q&A – What is Positive Discipline?

The question and answer episodes are for you and created to answer your most pressing parenting questions. This is the place for you to ask and get my no-nonsense direct answers.  

What we Talked About

Today, I will be answering a common question I get, “What is Positive Discipline?” 

I share how I personally discovered Positive Discipline and got to work directly with Jane Nelsen. I also talk about how I personally discovered Positive Discipline and got to work directly with Jane Nelsen, plus I let you in on exactly what Postive Discipline is and how can you benefit from it. 

Listen in to learn about the time-tested individualized approach to discipline in the real sense of the word, to guide our children to be their best selves.

The five criteria to Positive Discipline
·      Does it help the child to have a sense of connection, belonging and significance?
·      Is it kind and firm at the same time?
·      Is it effective long term?
·      Does it teach life skills?
·      Does it invite the child to discover what they are capable of?

Things to Remember

"Mistakes are always an opportunity to learn, always." -Jeanne-Marie Paynel

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Over to You

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