Children Master New Skills Removing a Button

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Find out how teaching a child to sew and remove a button can be a wonderful activity for their development!

Children Master New Skills Sewing and Removing a Button

In my mentoring practice, I often advise sewing as a great educational activity for parents to do with their young child. There are various sewing exercises which can help to improve a child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination while simultaneously offering a practical life skill in the process.

The first steps of this sequence include working with a stitching block, stringing beads and sewing on cardboard for starters. The next phase of this progression will be for them to learn how to sew a button onto a piece of cloth, and then remove it.

By using small squares of cloth and a threading tool, your child can practice cutting thread and attach a button as they develop their fine motor skills. Trusting your child with the threading tool teaches them to use self-discipline and responsibility while handling an “adult” utensil.

Once they have mastered sewing a button onto the cloth, show them how to remove it carefully so they can repeat the activity again until it becomes easier and easier. This will add a new step to the process and also allow you to recycle the small squares of cloth for future use. Let them repeat the action over and over again until they are pleased with their results.

When a two-holed button gets too easy, upgrade the challenge to a button with four holes! Sewing is a wonderful activity for children because there is an unlimited sequence of skill they can learn.

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