Why Your Child Ironing Is Not Such a Crazy Thought

It’s a simple sequence of steps that, as adults, we take for granted. But in the Montessori method, we understand there is great value for a child to learn the sequence of ironing for themselves.

It begins when we go to the closet, remove the ironing board, plug in the iron, lay out the wrinkled garment, glide the hot iron across the fibers, and watch the wrinkles disappear. We then neatly fold the pressed article of clothing and repeat the ironing process with the next one.

A child as young as 18 months of age, who is walking and stable, may go through this process with you and begin to develop a solid foundation of what it means to follow a sequence. By using a small set of clothes they may be able to try their hand at using the iron for themselves.

Of course, as with any activity that involves hot or hazardous tools, be sure to caution them with a proper and elaborate message about security before beginning.

The real benefit here is that your child will begin to understand there is a sequence necessary to accomplish things. Learning to iron is indirect preparation to some of the academic sequences they will follow in their later educational years. For example, the notion that in order to accomplish a task there are often steps at the beginning, middle, and end.

Whether writing an essay for their English class, organizing numbers while solving a math problem, or setting up their science experiment … your child will step up to the sequences with greater ease and confidence from having learned how to iron!

In fact, when you involve your child with ironing, there are more beneficial outcomes than your well-pressed garments alone. With the right approach, find out how to use this “magical chore” as a way to boost their future academic performance.

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  1. Great! I have never thought of it. Will definitely see when my six-year old wants to try. And will start earlier with my second. Thank you!


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