A few of my favorite things #3


What is it, why do I like them and when* are they appropriate for children?

  1. Colored Discs On Colored Dowel, found were Montessori toys are sold. This photo was taken in one of the LePort Montessori School, where I have been giving my Guided by Baby talks. These three colored pegs help the child with visual discrimination and eye hand coordination. 10 mos. +
  2. A low forward facing bookshelf. The forward facing bookshelf gives the child the opportunity to see what books are available. Forward facing books are much more appealing than only seeing the spines, it is best if only a few appropriate ones are available at a time this one was made with a little spice rack found at my local Ikea store. Birth +
  3. Wooden box with small latch seen at a local store, wonderful fine motor development and eye hand coordination as well as developing independence. If you can have fun placing different types of latches around the house, children love them. 12 mos. +
  4. Gorgeous bowl seen at a local store, this one could be used instead of a basket or tray to organize toys. Its beauty will surely attract. Birth +
  5. A great DYI kitchen found on Midwest Montessori. Comes with a working sink. Children love to participate in the kitchen from a very young age and this will surely make any kitchen complete. 12 mos. +
  6. An armoire seen at my local BabiesR’Us store, when I participated in an event there recently. I liked that the door opens to provide a removable bar for hanging clothes, this is ideal for when the child shows interest in dressing alone, the trick thou is to only place a few outfits that the child can choose from. Birth +
  7. A Takane ball with bell attached to it, also know as a puzzle ball. This is not only beautiful but very engaging for the child, if placed hanging near the baby it will help them discover the use of their feet as they start having intentional movements. Can be bought or made. 4 mos. +
  8. Small glasses, for little hands, seen at a local bargain store, sold as shot glasses these are perfect as the child’s first cup. 5 mos. +
  9. A boat on a lake in Hangzhou, China. I will be traveling to China for the first time. Sharing at the Chinese Montessori Society my journey in Montessori education and how I have come to work with parents. Photos have been uploaded here.


*The appropriate age will depend on the child’s individual development and abilities as well as interest. These are all approximate ages; it is essential to follow your child’s needs by learning to observe them.

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