EP 69: A floor bed instead of a crib!? With Mariana Bissonnette

A floor bed instead of a crib with Marianna Bissonnette

Do you know you can use a floor bed instead of a crib for babies and young children? Listen in as my guest explains why this is beneficial for the entire family. 

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What We Talked About

  • Her personal discovery of Montessori education 
  • Why using a floor bed rather than a crib makes a lot of sense
  • Understanding that we are often at odds with the child
  • Helping children do tasks by themselves
  • Conventional Education vs. Traditional Education

Things to Remember

“The conflict is not with the child. The conflict is in the development that I’m misunderstanding.”

“What makes it most challenging is when we are out of sync with what the child is trying to do.”

“Resistance is a form of Independence.”

“Find a community to connect that you can rely on as you navigate parenting.”

-Mariana Bissonnette

“These words reveal the child’s inner needs; ‘Help me to do it alone’.”

“Adults move because their will directs them, but not so with the small child. The small child is urged by nature.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori

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More About my Guest

Mariana Bissonnette is an AMI 0-6 Montessori parenting educator, child and family advocate, facilitator, coach, and author of the award-winning book Babies Build Toddlers: A Montessori Guide to Parenting the First 18 Months. 

She founded and runs The PEACE Program (Parent Education And Child Empowerment) which supports adults supporting children in the most critical period of human development.

The PEACE Program connects families to Montessori educators from around the globe to access personalized, high-quality information about parenting, Montessori, child development, and education – all in an App called ParentMontessori.

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