Fruits of Motherhood. With Linda Fruits

Sometimes, I encounter people whose life stories intrigue me. Today is no exception. Linda shares her family dynamics as it evolves from the stereotypical heterosexual to a multi-dimensional family unit.

What We Talked About

  • Why Linda created  “Fruits of Motherhood.”
  • Navigating early motherhood’s isolation and the illusion of social media perfection
  • The complexities of sexuality and relationships
  • The vital role that your support networks play in your and your family’s well-being
  • The importance of open communication for healthy family and personal relationships
  • Revolutionizing family dynamics
  • Co-parenting with your ex 
  • Unconventional living in the eyes of traditional society
  • Nurturing supportive environments for our children

Things to Remember

“Parenting is figuring out who you are while caring for kids.”

“When you’re in front of the people who make you feel good, you feel good.”

“No one was telling moms the hard parts.”

“If you don’t have examples of people who do things differently, you don’t know that you can subscribe to something different.”

“We all have roles in which we excel when it comes to parenting.”

“If you’re not happy where you are, It doesn’t matter what your sexual identity is. You need to have some harder conversations.”

“You have to be flexible with your expectations, not only with the baby but with yourself.”

“It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in the things that we’re not doing, and then we lose focus on the beautiful things we are doing.”

― Linda Fruits

Additional Resources

The Mom Life: The Sweet, the Bitter, and the Bittersweet Fruits of Motherhood by Linda Fruits

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Have you ever considered changing your family dynamics? Listen in as my guest, Linda Fruits, shares her journey of changing family dynamics.

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More About My Guest

Just your average mom trying to survive till bedtime.

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