Turning Little Stones. With Caroline Allen

Turning Little Stones with Caroline Allen

I can relate to Caroline’s words. When I started in a Montessori environment as a second career, some days were hard, yet that sense of wonder kept me going, just like little ones when turning little stones over.

What We Talked About

  • How Caroline transformed her daycare settings into the first not-for-profit Montessori children’s center in the UK
  • Observing children’s behaviors and interests to foster their natural curiosity and learning
  • The importance of staying passionate and fresh in childcare and education.
  • Practical tips for caregivers and educators to avoid burnout and stay motivated.
  • The concept of leaving a lasting legacy for children

Things to Remember

“We don’t know our children inside out and never will. They’re unique little beings that will always do things that fascinate us.”

“Try to retain that sense of wonder by looking at our children with fresh eyes and seeing them differently.”

“Adults are very quick to put an interpretation on what their children are doing.”

“Allow the wonders of the world to connect with your children.”

“Taking care of your child’s emotional, social, and physical development is the key to raising young adults.”

“We don’t need to know everything about our little ones; we just need to work with whatever they’re presenting to us in their journey into childhood and young adulthood.”

“We need to have parts of every single day where we are present to our children and give them the focus they deserve.”

― Caroline Allen

Additional Resources

Get your guide to over 50 Screen-Free Activities for young children.

Let’s Continue the conversation…

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Are you burnt out working as a childcare provider? Listen in as my guest, Caroline Allen shares her insights on how to keep the joy and wonder alive.

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More About My Guest

Caroline Allen has run childcare settings in the UK, trained internationally, and supported practitioners and carers for over 25 years. 

She understands how important it is to relate well with our young children, yet this is not easy, and few have much time to read or study. Caroline now hosts the Turning Little Stones podcast for anyone (professionals and family carers) with young children. In each episode, snippets of sound childcare theory become accessible and relatable, helping us all to better support our children and delight in being part of their journey.

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