Parenting a Disabled Child. With Kelley Coleman

I created this podcast to serve parents, all parents, and today Kelley shares what it takes to parent a disabled child and shares with us her guide to doing so.

What I Talked About

  • Why Kelley wrote ‘Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child’
  • The importance of having conversations about disability.
  • Challenges of navigating the support system for disabled children
  • Strategies and resources for navigating the complexities of caring for a disabled child.
  • The impact of disability on siblings

Things to Remember

“Parenting is about us, the parents. We do not need to try to make our children into something but instead, model the behavior that we would like our children to learn.”

“We are all the best parents for our unique child, and we all do great things.”

“Time is a huge privilege, and we must acknowledge that.”

“Everyone and every child deserves the same access.”

“Parenting and being a caregiver are two distinct jobs when they merge; that’s two full-time jobs!”

“We talk about disability as one of the many facets of who my child is a whole and complete human.”

“It reduces our ignorance when we are genuinely curious about other humans as humans.”

“The number one determiner of how a child will feel about their sibling’s disability is how the parents feel about the disability and what they are projecting.”

― Kelley Coleman

Additional Resources

Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports

Judy Human

Justin Dart

Let’s Continue the conversation…

Now, Kelley and I want to hear from you!

What does it take to navigate the unique journey of parenting a disabled child? Listen to Kelley Coleman as she shares her inspiring insights.

Remember, The Art of Parenting was created for you. If you have any suggestions for experts, I should have on the show or parenting questions you want to be answered. Please let me know here.

More About My Guest

Kelley Coleman is a feature film development executive turned author and advocate for parent caregivers and individuals with disabilities. Her writing and advocacy draw upon over a decade of experience accessing the necessary support for children with disabilities to succeed, including her child. 

Kelley’s book Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports is available for preorder and will be released on March 12, 2024. 

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two boys, and her son’s trusty service dog.

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