Being the Dad You Wish You Had. With Nick Adams

Being the Dad You Wish You Had with Nick Adams

We all want to do better than our parents. It is part of parenting. Today, my guest shared his guide to being the dad he wishes he had had. 

What I Talked About

  • Why Nick felt the need to write his book
  • Why is the father’s role so important
  • The Five Big Stones of Effective Fatherhood
  • Common Challenges Fathers Face
  • Building solid and loving relationships between fathers and their children.

Things to Remember

“Parenting is maintaining relationships and raising significant, effective adults.”

“Instead of stressing over everything you could try to do, let’s focus on the important things.”

“Fatherhood is a superpower.”

“There’s power just in being.”

“A huge part of my parenting is having a life-long relationship with my children and helping them become effective, responsible adults.”

“Parents need to see the best in their children and help them see the best in themselves.”

“The goal of parenthood is not perfection. It’s progress.”

― Nick Adams

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Being the Dad You Wish You Had: Five Big Stones For Effective Fatherhood

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More About My Guest

Hey! My name is Nick Adams. Thanks for taking a moment to read my bio. I am a couple of years into branching into a new career adventure. After decades as a youth camp founder and director, a pastor, a business owner, and a commercial and residential landlord, I have written my first book, “Being the Dad You Wish You Had: Five Big Stones for Effective Fatherhood,” and I am doing research for my next book! I genuinely enjoy writing and look forward to publishing many more books.

I was born and raised in Northeast Tennessee and have spent most of my life in that region, raising 4 amazing children and fostering others through the years. My oldest is 24 and married, then 22, and then we had a little gap, and I have a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old adopted son. I have 2 girls and 2 boys. I often say my favorite thing in life is being a dad. I love to travel and have visited 6 of the 7 continents and have had reasonable success in life, but nothing compares to being a dad from my perspective!

I snow ski, run marathons, camp, hike and read avidly everything from the classics to biographies to suspense and fantasy.

I attended East Tennessee State University, where I received an AS in Computer Science, a BS in Political Science, and a BS in Mass Communication. I attended Beacon Theological Seminary, receiving a Master’s in Theology.

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