Moving Smart. With Gill Connell

Moving Smart with Gill Connell

An essential conversation with child development expert Gill Connell on the importance of movement and what it meant to be moving smart. Listen in to learn how to help your child learn through movement.

We Talked About

  • The importance of understanding our children’s movement pattern
  • The evolution of movement
  • What do children need in a well-balanced physical diet?
  • The primitive reflexes of the newborn
  • The necessity of letting our children walk barefoot

Things to Remember

“You need to think like a child when engaging with children.”

“There’s a natural way for children to develop their balance system.”

“Children need experiences that involve stamina, resilience, agility, and being able to use their bodies in different ways, move in different ways.”

“Out of frustration comes determination and resilience.”

“Play is the key to children learning about their world.”

“Play and outside spaces help children develop their readiness for learning in many different ways.”

“Movement is the starting point for wiring the brain for learning.”

― Gill Connell

Additional Resources

The Well-Balanced Child. Movement and Early Learning
by Sally Goddard Blythe

Blog post on Barefooting for all ages by Gill Connel

Kinetic Scope is the “food pyramid” for movement

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More About My Guest

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Gill is the founder of MOVING SMART Ltd. and a globally recognized child development expert specializing in the foundations of learning through movement and play.

Gill co-authored the popular publication A Moving Child Is a Learning Child (2013), curriculum Move Play and Learn With Smart Steps (2016), and the best-selling book Moving to Learn in Australia and NZ. She also co-authored NZ Swimming’s early childhood teachers manual and Sport NZ Active Movement initiative, among others.

Through her seminars, workshops, conference panels, and speaking engagements, Gill provides developmental expertise and guidance to parents, preschools, primary schools, government agencies, international educators, swim teachers, and corporations, including Hasbro, Inc.

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