Advanced Parenting. With Kelly Fradin

Advanced Parenting with Kelly Fradin

Learning to deal with your child’s unique set of diagnosis or disability can be very isolating. Today, my guest, a pediatrician and author of Advanced Parenting, shares how we can find support as parents during these challenging situations.

We Talked About

  • How to get support when navigating complex health or learning diagnosis
  • Helping parents cultivate healthy mindsets despite traumatic situations
  • Empowering whole family dynamics amidst challenging diagnosis
  • The importance of opening up and sharing your situation with others
  • Why do parents face denial in difficult situations?
  • How the medical system is flawed when it comes to supporting parents

Things to Remember

“Parenting is about incorporating our understanding of children’s development and their needs.”

“It’s one size fits one when it comes to parenting.”

“It’s not always predictable how hard it is to go through a challenge based on a diagnosis alone.”

“Challenges of all shapes and sizes can have a bigger impact on us as parents.”

“The first step is deciding to take a step.”

“If you take care of yourself first and think about where you are, you can get to a healthier place to make decisions and prioritize what your family needs next.”

“The parent is the expert on the child.”

― Kelly Fradin

Additional Resources

Advanced Parenting: Advice for Helping Kids Through Diagnoses, Differences, and Mental Health Challenges. By Dr. Kelly Fradin

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More About My Guest

Dr. Kelly Fradin is a pediatrician and mother of two from NYC. She was inspired to be a pediatrician after facing a rare kidney cancer as a child. From that experience she learned the necessity of the important advocacy work parents do to support their children through a challenge.

She wrote Advanced Parenting to provide a resource to better support parents in navigating these uncertain or difficult times.

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