Vulnerability as a Strength. With Todd Adams

Vulnerability as a Strength with Todd Adams

Having this rich conversation with a father working with men was a delight. I don’t often get the opportunity to ask men how they feel about being fathers or how fathers can change the outdated paradigm of masculinity, especially when it comes to vulnerability. 

We Talked About

  • Breaking barriers and embracing vulnerability in men
  • How he helps men retrain themselves and become self-aware
  • How to help Fathers raise their sons to be mature masculine men
  • The importance of being self-aware of the baggage we carry from our own childhood
  • The quality of relationships and the loneliness epidemic among men in the US

Things to Remember

“The best way to parent is to model the behavior you want to see.”

“It’s hard to give somebody love if you can’t love yourself. It’s hard to give somebody patience if you don’t have patience yourself.”

“We’re not attracted to what’s best for us. We’re attracted to what’s most familiar.”

“The quality of our life is dependent upon the quality of our relationships.”

“Vulnerability is one of the biggest strengths that I see in men.”

“Do whatever you need to do to maintain that electricity between you and your partner.”

“Stay curious around your children. They’re here to teach you as much as we’re here to teach them.”

“Every obstacle is there to help you become a better version of yourself.”

― Todd Adams

“Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed.” Judith Butler

Additional Resources

Of Boys and Men by Richard Reeves

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Let’s Continue the conversation…

Now, Todd and I want to hear from you!

Do you worry about your son being too vulnerable? Listen in to find out why it is important to be vulnerable.

Leave a comment below and let us know; you’ll also be helping others to know what is possible.

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More About My Guest

Todd advocates for men supporting healthy masculinity, conscious relationships, and prosperous careers. For nine years, he has co-hosted Zen Parenting Radio, a top-ten kids and family podcast on iTunes, and co-founded MenLiving, where I lead monthly meetings and offer annual adventure retreats. 

He’s in the process of obtaining a 15-month coaching certification through the Conscious Leadership Group. He’s a member of The Mankind Project, a staff member for the New Warrior Training Adventure, and a blogger for The Good Men Project. 

He also received his life coach certification through the Tony Robbins Core 100 Life Coaching Program, and he is a certified instructor for the Institute of Heartmath, where he was trained in stress reduction and relaxation. Cathy and Todd have three school-age daughters.

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