Dysregulation and Neurofeedback. With Dianne Kosto

Dysregulation and Neurofeedback with Dianne Kosto

I believe it is ingrained in us that when we discover something that can help others, we want to share it. And that is exactly what my guest today is: “a mom on a mission’ to share her discovery of how neurofeedback helps her child regain his confidence and the spark in his eyes.

We Talked About

  • What exactly is Neurofeedback
  • Dianne’s long journey to discovering Neurofeedback
  • How we can integrate neurofeedback into our homes
  • The importance of re-training the brain instead of medicating it
  • When and who can utilize Neurofeedback

Things to Remember

“Expect the unexpected. The only constant is change.”

“Every brain does have nuances, and it’s very complex. It’s one of the most complicated things in the universe.”

“Never force the brain to do anything it’s not ready for.”

“You’re gonna enjoy the journey a lot more if you’re not expecting.”

― Dianne Kosto

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More About My Guest

Dianne Kosto, Founder and CEO of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, is a Mom on a Mission to make Neurofeedback technology available to families and individuals. She wants to help other families avoid the trauma that her family experienced as a result of her son’s brain dysregulation.

Dianne has dedicated her life to teaching others about neurofeedback as well as providing neurofeedback services and systems.

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