A Mother’s Memoir. With Jeannie Ewing

A mother's memoir with Jeannie Ewing

Sometimes, life and motherhood can throw you some curveballs. Today, my guest had a few of her own challenges and shared how she has managed them all in a mother’s memoir.

We Talked About

  • The grief she feels raising her neurodivergent children
  • How to guide our children through the grief process
  • Her daughter’s journey of navigating life with a sibling with Apert Syndrome
  • How to foster support raising a Neurodivergent child
  • How she manages parenting and sibling dynamics while caring for a special needs child
  • The need for maternal support from the community

Things to Remember

“There really is no way to teach or mentor someone to parent.”

“How you love your child and how you learn to love yourself is the essence of giving birth to anything creative.”

“Grief isn’t just about bereaving the loss of a living thing that has died, but it’s about grieving any devastating loss.”

“Once grief enters your life, it doesn’t leave.”

“Allowing your child to feel safe enough with you to be able to cry, to be angry, and to be just validated.”

“Motherhood is like one part of your identity but not the totality of who you are.”

― Jeannie Ewing

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More About My Guest

Jeannie Ewing is an author and national speaker on grief, raising medically complex children, and the challenges of motherhood.

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