World View Parenting. With Kayla Tychsen

World View Parenting with Kayla Tychsen

Current Event Update: this episode was recorded earlier this year before Kayla had to leave her home to keep her family safe. 

Every once in a while, I get to meet an Insta-friend in person. It was delightful to meet and learn about World View Parenting and all the adventures Kayla and her family have chosen to experience. Her desire for her daughters to be honored and respected is very inspiring. Listen in as she shares what she looked for when choosing a school for them while living abroad.

We Talked About

  • Her desire to share her experiences 
  • Raising world citizens 
  • The importance of doing self-healing work to raise your children
  • World schooling and traveling with young children
  • How to raise children with a worldview awareness
  • Her priorities when choosing a school for her children

Things to Remember

“As my child grew, I realized that I had to learn to look inward and not just outward to the needs of my child.”

“Our children can be our inspiration for becoming better versions of ourselves.”

“My children are absorbing me.”

“Start digging into the process of healing.”

“Take the pressure off of doing things perfectly or trying to have it all figured out.”

“Have conversations in your home about other cultures and other countries.”

– Kayla Tychsen

Additional Resources

The Absorbent Mind by Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori for Lebanon

Let’s Continue the conversation…

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Ever wonder what it takes to be a world-schooling family?  Listen in to find out how my guest navigates it with her family.

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More About My Guest

A mother of two, passionate about parenthood and fostering deep respect and love for the world through rich cultural experiences and respectful parenting.

She gives practical tips for every parent as she shares her family’s life practicing Montessori wherever her journey takes her and her family.

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