Adults need transitions too.

Adults need transitions too

I’ve just returned from being away for almost four months. I know, that’s a long time and I also know it’s nothing for some.

I left for what was to be a six week Montessori consulting gig and I’ve just returned after 15 weeks!

Which makes me even more appreciative for my supportive husband and understanding son (especially through all the holidays I missed).

I treasured the gift of having time to myself. Me, myself and I after 23 years of parenting. A time to reset. A transition of sorts. Time to listen to the silence that is so often hard to hear.

And what a pure joy and privilege to have the opportunity to follow my passion. Opening the very first Montessori school in Curacao.

Speaking of transition, I decided to ease my return from living on a Caribbean island by myself by spending quality time with a few girlfriends from college, a mini reunion in Panamá had been planned. What a perfect way to transition back to my day to day family and business life in San Diego. Better prepared to make the rest of 2019 a year of expansive growth.

You and I need time to transition and adapt to a new situation, just like our children do.

No matter what season of parenting you are, it is imperative to make space for those important transitions in life and from day to day.

I often remind parents that work outside the home to take a few moments before entering their home. Get out of the car, turn off your phone, walk around the block a few times, unwind, let go of the stories. Refresh. Transition.

And if you work from home, and yes SAHM and SAHD count as “working parents” make sure to give yourself some breaks so you can show up the best you can for those that count most.

We tend to rush from one responsibility to another never taking time to transition. So my challenge to you is to be aware that you also need time to transition from one line of work to your most important full-time job, parenting your little ones (or not so little).

Tomorrow I get to fly up to San Francisco for a private Montessori home consultation (I usually only do local ones or virtual ones and always willing to travel when invited to do so). I’ll also be taking time to enjoy the city with my husband another way to transition from work to nurturing one of the most important relationships I have.

Do you have a daily ritual in place to ease into all of your different responsibilities? I’d love to know what they are and if you need some guidance book a free discovery call with me, I’d be happy to assist you in finding that perfect balance we all seek.

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