EP 44: World-Class Education. With Teru Clavel

As a person who has been exposed to different education cultures as a child, I was excited to speak to Teru of her experience as a mother educating three children in a variety of cultures. Listen in to learn the differences and how we can improve in the US. 

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What we Talked About

  • Her experience raising children in Shanghai, HongKong, Tokyo, and California
  • How we can improve our schools in the US
  • Equitable funding of schools, giving access to quality education regardless of socio-economic background
  • Recruiting and retaining teachers by creating a serious career path
  • Her discoveries visiting schools across the US
  • Her perspective on the Japanese approach to raising independent children early on
  • Her personal approach to raising multilingual children

Things to Remember

“An equitable funding model is giving everybody access to quality education regardless of their socio-economic background.”

Teru Clavel

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More About my Guest

Teru Clavel is a comparative education expert and author who has shared her insights on education and globalization. Teru spent over a decade as an education journalist and college consultant while raising her three children in the public schools of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and California and returned with her family to her hometown, New York City, in 2018.

Teru has a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth in Asian Studies and earned a master of science in Global and International Education from Drexel School of Education with a concentration on China, Japan, and the United States, where she graduated with top honors and an award for her independent research on “Japanese Parents’ Approach to Educating their Children in a Globalization Era.”

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