EP 42: Screen-Free Parenting. With Dr. Meghan Owenz

As a parent and parenting mentor, I believe that you get to choose how to deal with screens and not let it be dictated by our digitalized society. A few months ago I sat down with Dr. Screen-Free Mom, Meghan an expert in the field of living with children and yes, without screens. 

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What we Talked About

  • Her professional and personal journey that led her to be Dr. Screen-Free Mom
  • Creating family Friday fun nights, that rarely involve a screen
  • The sweet spot of recreational screen time for teenagers
  • For children under five less is better and the screen is best co-viewed with a caregiver
  • Her acronym S.W.A.T. (Sleep, Weight. Aggression and Talking) explaining the effects screen time has on our littles ones
  • The mindset shift you will need to become a screen-free parent
  • How screen actually create a problem for you, not solve one
  • Why handing a device to a child is not teaching them to self-regulate or be in tune with their emotions
  • The importance of boredom, especially when working from home
  • Trusting your child to entertain themselves when you are unavailable. 
  • Leading with your values when it comes to screen time
  • Why avoidance goals are harder to keep then approach goals
  • Why prioritizing to S.P.O.I.L your child is key to their success

Things to Remember

“Trust your child to entertain themselves when you are unavailable.”

Dr. Meghan Owenz

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More About my Guest

Dr. Meghan Owenz is a psychologist, writer and a university psychology instructor. She has her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami and Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. 

She is happily raising her two kids sans screens. She runs the website, Screen-Free Parenting, where she writes about tech-wise parenting and provides tons of screen-free activities. 

She has developed a psychologically-based system to help organize the activities young children learn and grow from: the S.P.O.I.L. system. Before you turn on the screen, she asks, “Have you S.P.O.I.L.-ed your child today?

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