EP 12: Tantrums are precious opportunities. With Karen Young

Thrilled to be bringing back Karen Young for this important episode understanding our children’s tantrums. For the full introduction episode please refer back to episode 07

What we Talked About

  • What exactly are tantrums and why it’s important for us to understand them so we can be our children’s anchor?
  • Big feeling and the role of the amygdala
  • A tantrum is a normal reaction to the brain in overwhelm
  • The pre-frontal cortex, the reasoning part of the brain does not fully develop until 24
  • Tantrums are normal and are in no way a reflection of your parenting or whether your child is ‘good or bad’.
  • How to lend them your calm to help them register safety.
  • Every time they have a tantrum it is a precious opportunity for us to strengthen their brain in terms of self-control.
  • Validate be warm and wait until they are calm. The magic happens when they are calm.
  • The words you need to use when you feel you are being judged for wanting to parent with respect.

Listen in as Karen gives us the perfect elevator pitch for those questioning our peaceful parenting style. 

Things to Remember

“Discipline was never meant to hurt.”

Karen Young

Recommended Resources

Links to books, blog posts, and other resources mentioned in the episode.

Website: Hey Sigmund
Book: Hey Warrior
Book: Hey Awesome

Over to You

Now, Karen and I want to know from you!

What have you found to be effective when needing to ride the wave of your child’s tantrum?

Let us know in the comments below.

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More About my Guest

Karen has worked as a psychologist in private practice and in educational and organizational settings. She has lectured and has extensive experience in the facilitation of personal growth groups. Her Honours degree in Psychology and Masters in Gestalt Therapy has come in handy at times.

Karen founded the popular website, Hey Sigmund, after realizing the power of solid information. The website attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. Her articles have been translated into a number of languages and her work has been published on various international sites including The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, The Mighty, and Yahoo Health.

Karen is a regular contributor to Parenting Magazine in New Zealand. She can often be heard on Australian radio and is and a sought-after speaker. Recently, she published ‘Hey Warrior’, a book for kids to help them understand anxiety and find their ‘brave’. The book has now been translated into a number of languages.

Karen has two children and two stepchildren and lives in Australia. Experience has taught her that people can do amazing things with the right information, psychology has something for everyone, jargon doesn’t, everyone has a story to tell, short bios are the longest to write, nobody has it all figured out and the best people to be around are the ones who already know this.

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