EP 07: Offer to be brave for your anxious child. With Karen Young

Thrilled to be bringing you Karen Young today. We met online a few years ago when she was part of my very first Be the Best Parent You Can Be interview series. She runs the very informative website, Hey Sigmund: Where the Science of Psychology Meets the Art of Being Human.

What we Talked About

  • Her journey as a psychologist and what brought her to do the work she does today. 
  • How psychology has evolved due to the fact we can now see what is going on in the brain.
  • Here upbringing and how she wished there had been a bit more connection. 
  • Defining anxiety and how we can help our children through it. 
  • The difference between fear and anxiety. 
  • How critical it is to do work on ourselves to be brave for our little humans. 
  • How extended goodbyes actually increase the level of anxiety in young children. 
  • She shared the ideal bedtime routine for anxious children. 
  • How only 10 to 15 minutes of true connection daily can make a huge difference in your child’s level of calmness. 

Things to Remember

"Will my response expand their world or diminish it? Will my response build their brave or shrink it?" -Karen Young

"Anxiety has an important job to do. Anxiety can be an offer to be brave." -Karen Young

Recommended Resources

Links to books, blog posts, and other resources mentioned in the episode.

Over to You

Now, Karen and I want to know from you!

Do you have a child that may have anxiety? Or perhaps there’s a particular event that is triggering for them, such as school drop off? If so, which of the tips Karen offered will help you be brave? Once you try it, come back and share how it went. 

Let us know in the comments below. 

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