Nesting Boxes Enhance Your Child’s Visual Discrimination

Whether you’re out traveling with your young ones or looking for a way they can pass the time at a restaurant, look no further than this portable toy I often recommend to clients of my parenting coaching practice: the incredible nesting boxes.

Your young child will have fun solving the mystery of the contents in each box, marveling at how many additional boxes are packed inside! This play gets them navigating their way through the various sizes and figuring out how the boxes will fit inside each other in order to come back into one container.

It’s a puzzle that allows your child to explore what their hands are capable of, as they strengthen their dexterity to open and close each of the boxes, correctly taking them out and placing them back inside one another. It requires visual discrimination for your child to judge and order the sizes of the boxes as they play.

My favorite part? It keeps them busy! If you want to make it extra intriguing for them, place something inside the little boxes to add to the fun.

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