Creative Hands with Rubber Bands

Creative Hands with Rubber Bands

It may look ridiculously simple, but don’t take it as such – your child won’t easily get bored with the amazing rubber band board!

This straightforward toy, with its wooden pegs, allows a child to work joyously and independently as they manipulate rubber bands into various patterns and configurations. The challenge for the child is to work against the rubber bands’ natural resistance to fit onto the pegs, which may be difficult for them at first.

Over time, as they get the hang of it (and develop their muscular hand strength), their focus will turn to the next level of challenge — exploring new shapes, color coordinating different rubber bands, and creating intricate new designs.
Start out with a lesser resistance of rubber band and then increase the challenge by switching to a thicker type. Until they master the strength component required for this toy avoid incorporating too many colored rubber bands, this may be distracting or overwhelming.

A steadier progression will occur when the child is able to master one skillset at a time; gradually mix in more colors to keep the rubber band board fresh, interesting, and dynamic!

Rubber Band Board by Jeanne Marie Paynel from voilamontessori.com

Pulling, tugging and stretching a rubber band is simple motions we adults easily take for granted. These actions are more challenging for young children, who are still developing the muscular strength of their hands and fingers.

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