Asking Your Child to Wash the Windows Has Many Benefits

 In the Montessori method of education, we frequently encourage children to grow and develop new skills through their practical lives at home. The simple task of washing windows with parents is just one great example of this. Asking a child to use a spray bottle to clean the windows exercises their gross motor skills; […]

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Asking Your Child to Water Plants Helps Both to Thrive

 A regular theme in my practice as a parenting coach, and in the Montessori method in general, is that of including your children in everyday household chores whenever possible. There is much to gain from these activities, and watering your indoor plants is no exception. The process may begin by showing your child how […]

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Ask Your Child to Scrub a Potato and Improve Their Confidence

Scrubbing a Potato by Jeanne Marie Paynel from As parents, sometimes we may find ourselves feeling more like short order cooks. Even worse, our hungry little customers might grate on our nerves as they anxiously hover around the kitchen, waiting for us as we finish working for them. In my practice as a parenting […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: locks keys

A Matching Game of Locks and Keys Builds Your Child’s Resilience

Last summer I shared a useful travel activity to entertain your young child on a road trip or an airplane ride while simultaneously developing their motor skills and self-esteem: play with a padlock and key. Well, today I’m back with the next evolution of this purposeful play, which also happens to be another favorite of […]

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