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EP 47: Permission to Pause. With Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Taking care of ourselves during the holidays is of utmost importance, especially as we all deal with a planetary public health crisis. Please take time for yourself and your family and if you care to join me in a full pause.

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What I Talked About

  • Apologizing when we are unable to keep our promise
  • Intentionally pausing
  • Keeping it real a getting my house in order
  • Thanksgiving looked a little different this year
  • Ideas for holiday gift-giving for our little ones
  • What is included in The Parenting School that opens in 2021

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More About my Guest

I’m your host Jeanne-Marie and so happy to be back to serve and support you in anyway I can. More about me here.

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This episode of The Art of Parenting is sponsored by Jeanne-Marie’s Personalized Home Audit. Get my expert advice on how to create the best learning environment at home. Click here to learn more and book yours today.


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