EP 34: Minimalism and Montessori. With Jasmine Chong

Fascinated by the blending of the Montessori approach to parenting and education and the minimalist movement as a way of life I reached out the Jasmine. She’s been an inspiration to many on sharing her own journey blending the two. Listen in as she eloquently answers some important questions.

What we Talked About

  • Translating what she learned in her Montessori training for parents
  • The importance of order for a young child
  • Beauty nourishes the soul
  • Giving children practical life activities that have meaning and an intelligent purpose
  • Washing rice as a goal-directed practical life activity and sensorial experience
  • Tips to help children declutter on their own
  • What differences to expect as your child’s intellectual curiosity expands
  • The importance of having a reference library at home

Things to Remember

“Attention is the child’s most precious resource.”

Jasmine Chong

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More About my Guest

Jasmine is trained as an AMI Assistant for 3-6 and 6-12. She has lived in Scotland, London, and Singapore. A qualified teacher who has supported policymaking at the Ministry of Education headquarters, she is a mother of two children who’ve been raised in the Montessori way and loves minimalism and design.

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