EP 29: Living Your Best Life. With Amanda Rodriguez

Loved having this fun and inspiring conversation with “Dude Mom”, she shares what she’s learned raising her three boys and the importance of claiming yourself as you parent.

What we Talked About

  • How to be a ‘person’ while parenting
  • Important things to do the first year of baby
  • Connecting with your significant other
  • Journaling and learning to ask for help
  • Social media as an added value
  • Getting in the picture with your children
  • Learning to forgive yourself
  • Parenting advice comes from many different sources

Things to Remember

“Focus on what feels right for you and your baby.”

Amanda Rodriguez

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More About my Guest

Amanda Rodriguez is a humor blogger, writer, photographer, and author whose authentic, hey girl, writing style and ability to find the humor in everyday situations have touched parents for years. She published her first book, 50 Things to Do in Baby’s First Year, in 2019. She’s married to her college sweetheart and lives with him, three sons, and two dogs in Frederick, Maryland. 

Discover the sanity-saving, must-have manual for every new mom! From nursing and teething guides to managing anxiety and finding support, 50 Things to Do in Baby’s First Year is bursting with simple and straightforward tips, plus plenty of encouragement. 

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